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Membership of NVP is open to anyone with an interest in video film-making, in any capacity. Can you write good screenplays? Interested in makeup effects, and special effects? Acting, camera operating (are you able to know a good picture when you see one in the fiewfinder?) How about film lighting - location lighting is often more of a challenge than theatre lighting? Sound recording? Set design, costume design, production design (i.e. how should the entire film 'look'?)

We always try to make film-making fun and a pleasant social experience, as well as being challenging. Film-making is great art. Might you make it greater?

Contact through this email

Please note: unlike other clubs, we don't have regular meetings, guest speakers, and so on. We make films, so we meet - usually at locations or rehearsal rooms - when we need to meet.

For this reason, there isn't a 'Programme of Events' either.