Independent Film Making
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Norfolk's Independent Film-maker 

Norfolk Video Productions is a not-for-profit maker of scripted dramas and other types of short films. It is technically a club affiliated to the IAC - The Film and Video Institute, which is the umbrella body for all non-professional film-makers in the United Kingdom. NVP was founded by Peter Holdroyd several years ago, as a hobby, and has been largely a one-man operation since, bringing in expertise as and when needed, especially a select group of keen performers, 16 to 60 (or possibly 70!) who bring scripts to life.

NVP films in high definition video, using professional equipment and editing software. This includes a Panasonic Broadcast digital HD camcorder, and Sony and GoPro smaller camcorders, for special uses. We also have a ProAm camera crane which helps when a new and different angle is needed for a shot.

Software for editing is professional grade, from Adobe, and covers not only ordering shots but video effects, colour control and audio processing.

NVP would welcome contacts from actors and writers, and people with an interest in the technical aspects of film-making - sound, camera work, lighting, makeup, costume, design, location management, location catering, driving, editing, music scoring, script supervision, props, and so on, especially any with a project in mind.

Our aim is to make films which win the top awards at amateur competitions such as the British International Amateur Film Festival (BIAFF), run annually by the IAC.

Norfolk Video Productions has 'groups' on, and Facebook. We meet when we need to, and because we're all amateurs, most of whom have 'day jobs', we are flexible when it comes to scheduling filming days.

We make a small number of films a year.

No Pay for Dramas
Just to be clear, we're amateurs, we don't get paid, but we usually run to lunches on location days.